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Name:Yamato Ishida

When Yamato Ishida was seven years old, he was chosen to be one of eight destined saviours who would defend the Digital World, a world that runs parallel to Earth's computer networks, from a terrible evil that had emerged from beyond the Wall of Fire.

He was eleven when he, his younger brother, and six other children at a summer camp were forcibly dragged through a portal into that world and trapped there, with no other humans and with plenty of powerful monsters trying to kill them. They spent nearly a year in that world before being forced to abandon it and the friends they'd made there, only to be dragged back into world-saving duties three years later.

Now seventeen years old, he's finishing up high school and considering pursuing a career in JAXA (because the epilogue says so), on top of being the lead guitarist of a surprisingly successful band. As the Chosen Child of Friendship, he holds an early model Digivice, a rather simplistic tamagotchi-esque device whose main abilities involve compelling evolution in his partner and repelling darkness, along with the Crest of Friendship, a thumb-sized tablet of blue stone.

He's also often accompanied by Gabumon, a lizard wearing the fur of a wolf, who was specifically designed and created to be Yamato's perfect counterpart. With Yamato's help, Gabumon has the ability to transform into a series of larger wolves, some of whom are also jet-powered robots, because why wouldn't they be.

On Timelines.

Yamato will be coming in from two different points:

01 Yamato: From Digimon Adventure 01, as an eleven year old boy recently tossed into the Digital World with six other children. He's currently five days into his first trip, on File Island, an island under the thumb of the evil Digimon Devimon. The year for him is 1999.

At this point, Yamato is a child of average height for his age group, with a shock of dark blond hair and a perpetual scowl. His body language alternates between defiantly taking up as much space as he can -- and making very intent, often very offputting eye contact -- and trying to blend into the background. He tends to speak in short, sharp bursts.

tri Yamato: From the Digimon Adventure tri films that just started coming out this year, as a seventeen year old boy dealing with an influx of 'Infected' Digimon into the real world. He'll be initially coming in from just after the Haneda Airport Battle, after discovering the existence of the Infected. The year for him is 2005.

At this age, Yamato is tall and rather elegant, with fine-boned and angular features and shaggy, pale blond hair. He has the bearing of someone much older than himself, and, a lot of the time, the mannerisms of a career soldier (and one used to commanding respect, at that), which can definitely make him come across as quite remote and arrogant. He smiles more than he did as a child, but usually only briefly, and his resting face is still a scowl. He has a very deep voice, and usually speaks quite quietly.

Icons and OOMs will be labeled for each, and 01 and tri use drastically different art styles, which also helps. As an additional note, for various reasons, Yamato is from the Japanese continuity, not the dub, although there aren't all that many differences between them. The mun might slip up on that from time to time.

[Yamato Ishida is from Digimon Adventure, and is the property of Toei. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.]

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